Friday, January 29, 2010

Flight security

I few from the US to Europe and back in the past 2 weeks and here's what changed, security-check-wise:

- On the flight out of the US, nothing changed. Everything is at is has been in the past years (take your shoes off and put them through the X-ray machine, along with your coat and carry-on).

- On the flight into the US, things have changed. They now manually search through your carry-on bag and look at every single thing in there. They also search through every single pocket of your coat/jacket. If one has a laptop or other electronics, they will ask to come to a room in the back where they run a check for explosives. They do this procedure for every single person.
Interestingly, they don't ask everybody to take their shoes off and put them through the X-ray. They seemed to only ask that randomly.
I was lucky that there weren't many people in line when I came there, but I can imagine that even an average amount of people will incur an annoyingly-long waiting-time.

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