Thursday, July 28, 2011

Eric Chahi

There was an article on Kotaku about the game Another world (also known as Out of this world in the US), programmed by Eric Chahi as a one-man-project. The article was accompanied by the following video, which is a full walkthrough:

All this made me think of another game Eric Chahi worked on: Heart of Darkness. I have it for PC somewhere at home but I can't get to it now. I think I never finished it, I played it for a bit but haven't seen the ending. Now I'm thinking I should find a copy for the PlayStation and play it again (since my PS3 can play PS1 games).

Eric Chahi is currently working on a new game called From Dust. It's coming out now (or soon) for Xbox360 and PC and a PS3 version will follow later, I believe. I saw a video of it and it looks interesting.

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