Monday, July 11, 2011

New rig

I decided to build a new PC with enough Ooomph to run current games and do some video-editing with Vegas or Premiere. It's been a while since I had my last desktop PC (only had MacBooks in recent times). So I spent some time in the last weeks reading articles on to get some inspiration. Their "system builder marathons" were especially useful. They seem to do them every 3 months and they build out systems for 500, 1000 and 2000 $ each time. My target was 1000 $, I ended up going slightly over that, but that's okay. :)

Here's what I picked, placed the order yesterday:

I bought the case, the CPU cooler and the motherboard at Fry's since their price was the same as Newegg's after shipping (the CPU cooler was even cheaper at Fry's). And I added two 200mm fans for the case.

A thing I didn't expect to spend much time thinking about but still ended up doing so is a keyboard. I was first gonna go for a Logitech G110 or G510, but then a couple of articles about mechanical keyboards caught my attention. At Fry's, they had a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate on display and I tried it. It felt fantastic. Right then I decided I'd get one of those and I was debating between a Das Keyboard (possibly the Ultimate version, without labels) or the Blackwidow Ultimate. I ended up going for the latter because of the backlighting and the fact that Newegg had a 30$-off coupon for it.
I might still get a Das Keyboard at some point in the future (maybe for work?) and I'm also thinking about getting one for my dad as a surprise.

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