Sunday, December 20, 2020

How to make Amazon Luna work on Linux (Chrome)

I got an invite for Amazon's new "Luna" cloud-gaming-service a few days ago. To accept the invite, I had to use a VPN-node in the US, otherwise it would tell me that Luna is not supported in my region (Europe).

It seems like the region-check only occurs when signing up, not when starting  game-session. So no VPN needed after signing up.

When I tried to start a game in Chrome on Linux, Luna would refuse to start, saying my OS is not supported. I tried different user-agent-switchers to make Luna believe I was using Chrome on Windows, but strangely not all of them worked. Only the third one I tried lead to success.

So here are the steps:

 - Install this Chrome extension

 -Set your user-agent in the extension to Chrome/Windows

- Profit