Friday, July 4, 2014

Super Metroid emulation and inspiration

I felt a sudden urge to play Super Metroid two nights ago. All the pre-requisites were there: I was in a hotel room (on a business trip), had my personal laptop with me (running Ubuntu 12.04), internet access and I even had a Xbox 360 pad in my bag.

Which emulator to pick? ZSNES? Snes9x? After a quick search and a few unsuccessful attempts, I found this post on Reddit and managed to run Snes9x. (Note: There's an unofficial PPA for it, as I found out later) The game itself was quickly found at and I was good to go.
Update: After reading a bit more about emulators and accuracy, I wanted to mention another emulator as well: Higan (formerly known as "BSNES")

Super Metroid is really an incredible game. It came out 20 years ago and has held up incredibly well to this day. The level design and gameplay is simply incredible.
Most emulators can give the game a fresh, modern look through high-quality-pixel-scaling (hq4x), which I think looks quite nice.
The community around SM is still very active, as one can see through various speed-running videos on YouTube.

Here are a few articles on Gamasutra about Super Metroid:
- The invisible hand of Super Metroid
- Why Super Metroid's Hacking Community is Still Going Strong
- Super Metroid and The Exclusion of Control Mastery (I noticed there was a comment below the article by Thomas Happ, who's currently working on a game called Axiom Verge, which looks amazing so far)

I also looked into the other two 2D-Metroid games which were relased after Super: Fusion and Zero Mission. I definitely want to play those as well. I actually bought them used from GameStop a few years ago but never got around to sit down and devote time for them. I'm looking forward to running them through an emulator on a nice big screen. :)
VBA-M seems to be a good GBA emulator (it's cross-platform, unofficial PPA for Ubuntu here, found here).

I learned that there's a fan-project called "AM2R / Metroid 2 Remake" which has a demo out.
Here's a trailer:


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